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When you’re a new agent, finding ways to boost productivity and take advantage of downtime you have during the week can mean the difference between a hectic and busy—yet well organized—schedule. The weekend provides the perfect time to handle some of the simpler tasks that, if taken care of now, will make the rest of the week more manageable.

From organizing your emails to scheduling out your week, here are three tasks you can handle on the weekend that’ll boost your productivity when you dive into your career:

Plan Your Week

As with all the tasks on this list, this is something that you can just jump right into. Get out your planner or pull up your Google calendar and get to organizing your week. Planning out your week should take you no more than an hour and, since it’s the weekend, it’s okay to avoid particularly demanding tasks.

Organize Your Inbox

By organizing your work emails before Monday, you eliminate a job that can eat up a big chunk of your morning that you could be spending following up with leads and closing deals. Go through all your unread emails and see what you can delete and what is a priority to respond to.

Respond to Lingering Voicemails

By deleting lingering emails and responding to those that you still need to attend to, you handle another time eating task that is usually put off until Monday. If you respond to your voicemails or take care of the other jobs on this list, you’ll help yourself ease into the week and boost productivity as well.

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