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Summer is in full swing, and that means people are out in droves, hoping to enjoy the nice weather through a multitude of outdoor gatherings. What does that mean for you as an agent? Opportunity. In the colder months, face-to-face prospecting can be a little trickier, as people are holed up in their homes. Now that everyone is out at barbecues and pool parties, you can join in on the fun but also use these events as opportunities to start up your business, even if you’re not licensed yet. Here’s how:

Attend as many family/friend events as possible. Your sphere can be the most lucrative profit center for your business if you know how to work it. Keep in close contact with your friends and family so that they reach out to you for summertime festivities. Attend these events but remember to keep your tone light and conversational. Everyone is there for fun, not to be sold on buying or selling their home. So just keep yourself top of mind and the business will come to you when the time is right.

Host your own gatherings. This is a guaranteed way to be remembered. When you’re attending other events, you may blend into the crowd. At your own party, however, everyone is coming to see you. Take advantage of that. Keep some branded goodies handy around the home, like pens, so that your visitors are introduced to your future or new business as they’re enjoying a good time. Once again, don’t go heavy on the sales scripts. Keep the party vibe going and only bring up your career if it comes up naturally in conversation—which it will.

Keep a tab on the community. While your sphere should be top priority if you want to run your business on referrals, you can also take advantage of the community this summer. Check on Facebook or your neighborhood bulletin boards to find out what’s going on in the nearby areas. If you live near a beach, they often host concerts or movie nights. Bars today also host a variety of events, like trivia and karaoke. Attend some of these, becoming a familiar face, and you’ll start finding new sources of business just by going out and having some fun. Keep business cards on hand so you can capture business if anyone is ready to buy or sell within the next few months.

It can feel intimidating to market yourself at events. The thing to remember, however, is that your real estate business will most likely come up naturally in conversation. Family and friends will want to know how your real estate classes or new business are going. And those you’re meeting for the first time will go to those ice breaker questions first. Lucky for you, “So, what do you do for work” just happens to be a go-to for many.

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