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As a real estate agent, you know client retention is key to your success. There’s always potential for repeat business when working with buyers. Yet, with sellers, the promise is even greater, as most homeowners will be in the market for a new home.

Applying these three real estate agent tips to your daily practices will help ensure your sellers always return to you as buyers.

  1. Develop Open Relationships With Clients
    Your clients want to feel confident they’re in good hands. They want to know you’ll always act in their best interest, not in the interest of your commission.

“Getting to know your client as a person, not as a number, by really figuring out what makes them tick and being genuinely interested makes all the difference,” says Travis Carroll, salesperson with Oxford Property Group.

Achieving repeat business requires you to establish meaningful relationships with your clients. So, once you’ve scored the listing, start bonding with your new clients.

  1. Don’t Avoid Uncomfortable Conversations
    Client objections are common, and your success hinges on your ability to respond to them appropriately. Some agents skirt difficult conversations, but issues pile up when clients’ homes receive little interest. Speak up: A lot can be solved with clients’ cooperation.

If the property’s in poor condition, recommend repairs. If the rooms are messy, tell them to clean. If the furniture’s outdated, explain how to update it. Avoiding these conversations prevents your clients from making the changes necessary to get their home sold. So, don’t shy away from sensitive subjects—it’s your job to be honest, even when it feels brutal.

  1. Never Underestimate the Power of Data
    Before pitching and pricing, agents always analyze comparable properties; however, not as many refer to data after marketing the property. When you’re struggling to identify why a property isn’t gaining interest, examine the data and ascertain:
  • Have any comps sold since you listed?
  • Has the inventory increased?
  • Is the listing priced competitively?
  • What does the listing have that others lack?
  • What does it lack that others have?

By reexamining the inventory, you can determine if the price point is still appropriate.

These real estate agent tips will encourage your clients to return to you for all of their transactions—and refer you to friends. For more advice, check out our tips for improving your buyers’ experiences.

Rachel Burris is a blog writer at Quicken Loans. For more information, please visit