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If you’ve ever wondered how Shakespeare wrote King Lear in self-isolation when all you can do is witness your weekly screen usage slowly increase in between trips to the fridge, you’re not alone.

Maybe you started quarantine thinking you could get so much more done, with fewer commitments begging for your time. The truth is, it can be really hard to stay productive during a time of disrupted routines and global uncertainty. If you’re having trouble accomplishing everything you want to during this time, here are our best self-isolation productivity hacks for you to try.  

  1. Block the news.
    We’re not suggesting that you block the news forever—it’s important to stay informed—but scrolling through coronavirus news updates can be addicting, in an anxiety-laden way. That definitely doesn’t help boost your productivity. Instead, set aside several hours of the day where you know you won’t look at the news at all. You can even use a website blocking app like Freedomor Cold Turkeyto make sure you don’t cheat.
  1. Get additional training.
    Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want something done, ask a busy person?” Sometimes having a clear schedule doesn’t actually mean you’ll get more done. Momentum tends to build on itself, so if you want to stay productive and motivated during self-isolation, one great hack is to create your own momentum by picking up a new skill. This could be a good time to focus on professional developmentcontinuing educationor developing a new expertise in real estate, such as becoming an expert in luxury real estate. Having concrete goals to focus on right now can help raise the bar in other areas.
  1. Plan for the future.
    Even though it could feel like there is no end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, eventually, we’ll get to the other side of this. You’ll want to be ready to hit the ground running when restrictions are eased and work returns to normal. Here are just a few ways you can continue working during self-isolation to set your real estate business up for success:
  • Improve your website.
  • Start updating your social media daily.
  • Create a blog with community resources and expert commentary.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile.
  • Mange your presence on review sites.
  • Get listed in local online directories.
  • Redesign your marketing materials.

All of this work might have seemed too tedious or time-consuming to do in the past, so self-isolation presents the perfect opportunity to knock these items off your list.

  1. Arrange networking video calls.
    Chances are, a lot of the people in your industry who you admire are also finding themselves with a little extra time on their hands right now. Take advantage of this time when many people are on pause (and looking for ways to stay busy) to set up some networking calls. You might have an easier time scheduling calls now than ever before. Here are some questions you can ask during your calls:
  • How are you preparing for the housing market after the coronavirus crisis has passed?
  • What challenges do you see when it comes to showing homes now that there are COVID-19 concerns?
  • How do you anticipate the real estate industry will innovate?
  • If you were me, how would you be positioning yourself right now?
  • Are there any unique opportunities in our market that have come out of the coronavirus pandemic?
  1. Create an accountability group.
    One of the beautiful advantages of the modern age is that despite being in self-isolation, we don’t have to truly be alone. Video conferencing makes it possible to communicate with large groups of people at any time of the day. Here are some ways you might want to start creating accountability with your peers:
  • Set up a daily morning meeting with other real estate agents in your market where you all touch base with each other and share your intentions for the day.
  • Create a skills-sharing pod where each member of the group gives a presentation about an area of their expertise each week. You can learn a lot from other real estate agents who have deeper knowledge in areas you’re less experienced in, plus you can share your talents with others.
  • Organize an industry-wide virtual happy hour where you can mingle with not only real estate agents, but also mortgage brokers, leasing agents and marketing professionals. Organize virtual games or mixers you can play during the happy hour to get everyone participating in the conversation.
  1. Check in on your clients.
    Make sure that your clients know you are thinking of them right now and you’re available to answer any of their questions about real estate as it relates to the coronavirus. A lot of your clients might be experiencing anxiety about what comes next, and as a trusted expert in real estate, you are well-positioned to guide them through challenges and changes. Take the time to call or text each of your clients to continue building long-term trust.

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