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To become more successful as a real estate agent, strive to be among the best in the industry. The best agents have indisputable market knowledge, incomparable training and an impeccable bedside manner. Here are seven tips to help you get there.

  1. Enhance Your Market Knowledge
    New agents must research comps and market conditions to learn more about home value. Established agents should expand the boundaries of their “local” market. Veteran brokers must read local and national industry news to stay apprised of any projects or trends that may affect property value.
  1. Team Up With Other Agents
    Partnering with other agents allows you to benefit from their market knowledge and experience. By working on a team, you’ll learn new skills, pool resources and represent even more clients at once. You may have to share commissions, but think about how many more will come your way because of it.
  1. Leverage Your Brokerage Firm’s Reputation
    In the real estate industry, your reputation is essential, but so is the reputation of your brokerage firm. The best firms have an established brand that your clients will recognize, even if they haven’t heard of you. Use your agency’s credentials and prestige to your advantage.
  1. Use Technology to Juggle
    Being an agent demands juggling, but you can streamline tasks that don’t require a personal touch. An email marketing campaigncan help you keep tabs on all clients and ensure they keep you in mind. Use a reliable email service provider, like MailChimpor Constant Contact, to send out regular, automated messages.
  1. Make Your Social Media Stand Out
    Obtaining business through social mediarequires more than regular posting. Peruse younger agents’ accounts to find innovative ways to captivate and gain clientele.

“Any way you can engage your social media audience to interact with your business and how it runs will enhance your online presence significantly,” says Megan Blum, agent at Flux Real Estate, who engages her audience by having them guess the purchase price of local homes.

  1. Utilize Vendors for New Leads
    Becoming more successful means increasing your clientele through any possible means. While networking’s an essential part of this process, don’t overlook the connections you’ve already made. Vendors are a great source for new leads.
  1. Pitch Stories to Reporters
    Reporters constantly seek agents as sources for articles. Being featured increases your exposure and showcases you as an expert within the field.

The easiest way to get your name in print is to offer your expertise through websites, like Help a Reporter Out and ProfNet, that connect sources with journalists. The more you contribute, the easier it’ll be to elevate your brand and drive new clients to seek your services.

Successful agents never rest on their laurels. You must work tirelessly to find novel ways to market your business, generate new leads and retain your previous clients.

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