Step 1

Have your Facebook login nearby, then log out of your Facebook account. For further information, see How to Log Out of My Social Media Accounts.

Step 2

From the ACE menu, click Settings, then click Social Media Connections.

Step 3

Click Facebook.

Step 4

Choose the days you’d like ACE to automatically post for you. Once you’ve made your selections, click Continue.

Step 5

Enter your Facebook login, and click OK or Yes to the prompts.

NOTE: Facebook will ask you to give ACE permission to post for you. ACE is a secure platform, and will never know your social media usernames or passwords.

Step 6

Once the connection is set up, you’ll be asked to choose the Facebook page(s) you’d like ACE to post to. You can change this preference at any time.

NOTE: The Facebook pages listed are the ones you’re either an Admin or Editor for. For further information, see Why Can’t I Post to All of My Facebook Pages?

Important Information

  • As of August 2018, ACE, and auto-posting services similar to ACE can no longer post to Facebook personal Profiles. ACE can only post to Facebook Pages. For further information, see How to Create a Facebook Business Page.
  • Facebook requires you to renew your connection every 90 days, and when you change your Facebook password. ACE will notify you via email if your connection to Facebook is lost. For further information, see Why Was There a Problem Posting to My Social Media?


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