Return Buyers Expected to Re-Enter and Restore Market, Study Shows

Nearly a decade since the start of the foreclosure crisis, formerly distressed homeowners with restored credit are re-entering the housing market, but ...

Tips That Will Immediately Help You Win More Listings and Convert More Buyers

How do you win more listings and convert more buyers? First, develop a brand identity, separate your personal from your professional life ...

Don't Let a Rental Scam Ruin Your American Dream

When it comes to the World Wide Web, there’s one rule of thumb you can’t afford to ignore: Just because it’s on ...

4 Tips for Working with Multigenerational Buyers

Working in real estate can be a challenge in itself, but when you're working with multigenerational buyers—a household of more than two ...

Ready to Make Your Real Estate Consumer Happy?

Does your business model deliver an exceptional transaction to your consumers? Everyone has their opinions about Uber—some rave, some rail. But as ...

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